Alexi Murdoch announces new record

Listen to two of his new songs we recorded with him

It’s been very quiet around Alexi Murdoch for a few years. Now he has announced that his new album is nearly finished. We met Alexi Murdoch three years ago at the Haldern Pop Festival to record two hauntingly beautiful new and unreleased songs called „Golden Mountain“ & „At Night My Heart“ which seem to make it on the new record. Read his announcement below:

Now. The new record.

Where to begin..? What to tell..? The story of its making is a long one. It involves a whole host of amazing people and places. It’s definitely a far flung journey I’ve made, sometimes in company, often alone, over wild and sometimes remote landscapes of life and music. It’s too long a story to tell here right now. Later…later.

For right now allow me to report that this long journey is finally nearing its end. As I write this I am, come full great northern circle, where I began this work almost four years ago–in dark and wintry Montreal–street noise outside hushed by snow already, sitting, listening to the mad and beautiful sounds of that journey, making last edits and notes and getting ready for the final stage of mixing and mastering.

SO…while I maybe can’t say just yet *when* exactly you might hear all of this, what I can tell you that the last chapter of making this record has begun. And that the music is on the way…

I’ll do my best to keep you posted, and share what I can as I get closer. So please stand by for that.

Meantime, thank you all for waiting, for listening. I wish you all strong hearts and quiet minds as we head into a new year…

Alexi Murdoch announces new album.
This seems to be the tracklist of Alexi Murdochs new album (taken from

Listen to the two new songs we recorded below!

At Night My Heart – Alexi Murdoch

Golden Mountain – Alexi Murdoch

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