Damien Rice plays a concert in Paris in a living room

The Irish singer-songwriter delivers a 38-minute show, including sing-alongs and a choir


The french acoustic-session website La Blogothèque recorded one of their famous concerts in a series called Soirée de Poche with one of our favourite artists Damien Rice. It’s truly a special recording, lasting 38 minutes full of wonderful songs, all stripped down to the minimum. The concert is filmed beautifully, the atmosphere is wonderful. If you have 38 minutes today, use them for watching the whole thing.

The choir Cantus Domus from Berlin is part of the show, that was recorded for Arte Concerts, too, which makes the performance even more haunting.

Damien Rice is one of the greats of the 21st century, his concerts are really amazing. In the fourteen years of his solo career, he only released three LP’s, being known as quite a perfectionist, so every bit you can get from this man is a gift. The show ends with a breathtaking version of his most famous song, „The Blower’s Daughter“.

Watch the whole show below, courtesy of Arte Concerts and La Blogothèque.



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