DMA’S return to Cardinal Sessions with a new single – In The Air!

Australian rock band DMA’S perform an exclusive acoustic session in Berlin

DMAS’s. It’s been a while – it was August of 2015, Haldern Pop Festival. We met those three guys called DMA’S for the first time, recorded a song near a cow barn on a farm, it was a wonderful day. But it was only after this first meeting that we really got into the band’s sound. Their debut record „Hill’s End“ is a perfect record, really. Every song is strong, it all fits together like a puzzle of interesting lyrics, great sound and innovative, gorgeous melodies.

As the band announced a concert in Berlin, we decided to go and film another session. They surprised us with the first song from the new record, called „Dawning“. It was december, brutally cold and the location we planned to go to was closed. Found a new spot just ten minutes before the band arrived, and they couldn’t be more charming – also, the show that night was spectacular. If you ever have a chance of going to one of their concerts, please do.

Just recently, they’ve been praised by Liam Gallagher, who supposedly told GQ: „Man, they got some good tunes in there.“

DMA’S new single „In The Air“:

DMA’S – Dawning:


Also, watch our session from Haldern Pop Festival 2015 below, where DMA’S perform „Feels Like 37“.


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