Käptn Peng Live Acoustic Session

Recorded at 2017’s Haldern Pop Festival

Käptn Peng and his band „Tentakel von Delphi“ are well-known guests at Cardinal Sessions. We’ve first met Peng solo at Appletree Garden Festival years ago. We walked over the festival’s campside and decided to record spontaniously in front of some lucky fans. We loved it, Peng loved it and the crowd, too – so it was only a matter of time until we’ve shot some more videos. At Traumzeit Festival in Duisburg, Germany, he performed a freestyle with Moritz on the guitar – and now, years later, we shot a third session.

We had some breakfast early in the morning at 2017’s Haldern Pop Festival, when Peng walked up to us and we talked a little. It didn’t take long and we found ourselves in the local gym – where the band rehearsed with the choir for their evening headline show. We walked out into a small forest and recorded „Tier“, a new song from may 2017’s record „Das nullte Kapitel“. It’s a wonderful record, full of interesting thoughts and moments, bright ideas and lovely melodies. You should definitely check it out, even if you don’t understand german. It’s – in the best sense – really intelligent experimental HipHop.

Watch our session and all the old sessions with Käptn Peng & Die Tentakel von Delphi below:

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