Mighty Oaks live and acoustic for Cardinal Sessions

Back in 2013

It’s been years since we first met Mighty Oaks. It was at Appletree Garden Festival 2013 – we just arrived, it was the hottest day of summer and we filmed two songs off their Just One Day EP called „The Great Northwest“ & „Just One Day„. Finally Over four years later and after more than a million people have watched those videos, we thought it would be time to meet up again.

The new session in 2017

The guys played Live Music Hall in Cologne, our friends Giant Rooks opened up for them, and we met at Kolbhallen, a place where lots of artists work & live.

Mighty Oaks acoustic session at Kolbhallen Cologne.
Mighty Oaks live acoustic session at Kolbhallen Cologne.

The new EP called „Storm“ contains some of the strongest work they’ve ever written and they played two songs from this record. We recorded one song („Storm„) inside  and one song („One Shot„) outside  – because we couldn’t decide which one would look better.

Mighty Oaks – Storm (Cardinal Sessions 2017)

Mighty Oaks – One Shot (Cardinal Sessions 2017)

The Great Northwest – Mighty Oaks (Cardinal Sessions 2013)

 Just One Day –  Mighty Oaks (Cardinal Sessions 2013)

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