U2 performing in a Berlin Subway Station

Irish rock legends surprise fans with an acoustic concert

U2 recently performed an acoustic session in a Berlin Subway Station. They have released a new record earlier this month and they went on the Berlin Subway to promote it. The record entitled „Songs of Experience“ was presented, but Bono and The Edge played some more songs to the surprised audience. They first took the train with the same name – U2 – to Deutsche Oper station and started performing in the middle of the subway station. The fine people of Rolling Stone magazine were lucky enough to be there and shot the videos we can show you now – enjoy „One“ and „Get Out Of Your Own Way“.

Stuff like this makes you think that spontanious concerts should happen much, much more – as people seem to love it. A Live Video, shot by Berlin’s BVG, was viewed by more than 1.5 million people. This concert is not the first of it’s kind, even from the band – they performed in New York City on a sidewalk on the day of release.

Photo of the post by © Anton Corbijn.

„Songs of Experience“ after „Songs of Innocence“:

U2’s „Songs of Experience“ is the bands‘ 14th studio record. The first single „You’re The Best Thing About Me“ was released early September of 2017. When the record was released, the first recording was done over three years ago, back in 2014. It’s the direct follow-up to 2014’s „Songs Of Innocence“.

U2 will go on a huge tour in 2018, starting in May, with a lot of dates in the United States. More will follow for sure.

Watch the U2 session below.

U2 performing „Get Out Of Your Own Way“:


U2 performing „One“:

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