Down By The River Acoustic Festival Special

We went to the Netherlands to record songs at the Americana-Folk-centered Festival in Venlo


The small festival „Down By The River“ got our attention because of its wonderful line-up. Lots of great artists, mostly Americana, Folk and Country – things you can’t find too often in the center of Europe. We decided to stop by, take a look and shoot sessions with three bands.

Venlo is right next to the German border, a busy little town that mostly lives off its German tourists. With that knowledge, it’s even more interesting how they manage to create and host a wonderful festival.

We’ve met Andrew Combs, who’s one of our favorites for years. His performance in a church was our personal highlight of the whole day. We were lucky enough to record two songs before his gig.

The second session was shot with The Deep Dark Woods, right next to the river Maas, as lots of Water Polo players drive by. It’s one of those lucky and rare moments, where so much is happening at one point – the loud players yelling around, a guy playing a beautiful song, the different sounds and everything together – we loved the recording.

The last session was shot with heavy Blues-Punk band The Yawpers, right after their extremely sweaty gig in a pub. The sun was just getting down, we shot the session in one of Venlos beautiful alleys.


Watch all the performances below.





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