Sion Hill Live Acoustic Session

Early 2017, we managed to film Peter Doherty in Cologne, shot the session and went to his show afterwards. This irish guy called Sion Hill…

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John Smith Live Acoustic Session

English folk-guitarist and singer-songwriter John Smith first got our attention some years ago when we filmed a session with the wonderful…

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Peter Doherty Live Acoustic Session

"Is it cruel or kind not to speak my mind, and to lie to you, rather than hurt you?"

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Artists To Watch: Phoebe Bridgers

Phoebe Bridgers is an artist from Los Angeles who really stands out for us when it comes to singer-songwriters. Every word she sings feels…

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CLASSICS – The Jesus and Mary Chain

The Jesus and Mary Chain from Scotland have always been one of the Greats in not giving a fuck - it's even more surprising that they…

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The Amazons Live Acoustic Session

The Amazons from the UK are one of the most important new rock bands the UK has to offer right now. They were included in the BBC's "Sound…

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cardinal sessions taylor hollingsworth

Taylor Hollingsworth Live Acoustic Session

Taylor Hollingsworth from Birmingham, Alabama, is a singer-songwriter and guitarist who has a couple of bands and played guitar in Conor…

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Swans – The Seer LP

Lets make this text as short as possible cause this album takes time. 1h 59min and supposedly longer. Get your headphones, power on your…

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Bear’s Den Live Acoustic Session

In 2015 we've met Bear's Den for the first time. They played a great show in Cologne after our session, Alex Vargas opened for them and we…

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Voodoo Jürgens Live Acoustic Session

Voodoo Jürgens from Vienna with his morbid sense of humor is one of Austrias most exciting artists right now. He played a wonderful tune…

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Isaac Gracie Live Acoustic Session

If you close your eyes, you might think it's Jeff Buckley singing to you, while really it's one of UK's best new singer-songwriters called…

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